Suzanne P. Reese

Suzanne Reese
Suzanne Reese
We’re very proud to announce our partnership with Suzanne P. Reese – one of the nicest people on the earth. You’ll know what I mean when you go to Suzanne’s site, click her name, and read about her work with Infant Massage. Yes, when I first heard about it I thought, wow, that’s different – well, you have NO idea.

Suzanne is one of few Certified International Infant Massage Trainers with Infant Massage USA, a non-profit family education and service organization. More importantly, she is an ambassador of hope for families & children around the globe. During these times of scary news – crime, abuse, neglect, global warming, and even the continued threat of past events like the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Suzanne’s mission is to offer more hope for a kinder and more gentle world to live and raise children in. Remember Chernobyl? Yes, it was more than 20 years ago – but there are still babies being born with major birth defects because of it. In fact, Suzanne has served many humanitarian missions in the Republic of Belarus (the country hit the hardest by the disaster) helping and teaching to hold and hug and massage those kids who never receive much love, and she has her own story to tell about the health risks she took to do this. Stay tuned – this one is a keeper. And for you parents who really want to do right by your child, pick up Suzanne’s book and CD. It’s happy tunes and sweet lullabies that can be sung or played while giving your child their massage – or anytime! She uses these songs when she teaches, and they’re all so much fun; you can’t help but smile!

Why is Pacific Coast Jazz involved in the children’s market? Well, funny you should ask. Suzanne does happen to give a great massage and her care of people with disabilties is how we met her. But more than that, she has an amazing passion for her work in infant massage, and we support her efforts to bring more compassion into the world. Suzanne is committed to fostering the love children are born to share. She trains and certifies parent educators to lead infant massage classes for parents. This is one of the many ways Suzanne delivers her message of peace and hope. She’s a wonderful person, and she has a great voice. She is accompanied on this CD by her husband, Doug Reese on guitar and her friend, Bradley Leighton on flute. Marti Amado her producer, accompanies her on piano.

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Suzanne in Belarus

View a clip on YouTube about the children of Chernobyl. Be sure to see Suzanne’s website to learn more about her humanitarian efforts in Belarus.

Watch Suzanne’s video here. You’ll learn all about infant massage and don’t forget to click the link to buy her book and CD.

Her CD “Talk To Me” is in stores now and is the perfect complement to her book.

Talk 2 Me

Hello Baby:


The Toe Song:


A review of “Talk To Me” –

“This CD is amazing! Not only is it the perfect partner for Suzanne’s Baby Massage book, my 3 and 6-year-old instantly fell in love with these sweet, fun-spirited songs. The lyrics are easy-to-learn for the little ones and  moms and dads will appreciate the happiness this CD exudes. A truly wonderful gift for the whole family to enjoy.”

-Tara Kompare, Author of “The Colic Chronicles: A Mother’s Survival Guide to Calming Your Baby While Keeping Your Cool”

A People Magazine article on the Cherynobyl disaster and Suzanne’s work in Belaruse here or here

Hi Res Photo of Suzanne availble here

CD baby photography by Bill Milne