Dustbowl Circus

Dustbowl Circus
Dustbowl Circus

For the past 30 years Abner Cologne has been fine-tuning his musical abilities and techniques and composing music of all genera. Abner has mastered with a great amount of pleasure music of all styles such as pop, R&B, rap and hip-hop, country, rock, salsa and reggae music.
In achieving this wonderful feat Abner was able to infuse all of these wonderful styles of music into one awesome completely unique style of jazz that he calls, “pop fusion jazz.”
At a very young age Abner was given an IQ test and was found to be borderline genius but was diagnosed with dyslexia impeding him in achieving any greatness at a very young age.
Abner was told that he would develop multiple talents and abilities but because of his dyslexia Abner would flip-flop from one talent to another and would not be able to concentrate on one of his multiple facets of talent.
Upon becoming an adult Abner grabbed on to music and struggled to create a career as a lead singer.
Now Abner has come to a new chapter in his life and combining all of his music abilities to create what he calls, “pop fusion jazz” and the creation of his “dustbowl circus.”

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