tol_onwhite_250That Other Label is a spinoff of Pacific Coast Jazz, founded in 2003, as a world-class boutique label.  Our goal is to bring new and refreshing musicians to audiences worldwide.  We offer professional insight and direction you need to create the right opportunities for your music and an international distribution outlet for your music.  Our services include management of all of your promotion, distribution, retail, and advertising needs.  The best part for you, we don’t want to own your master.

Have you reached the next level and still don’t have a record deal with international retail distribution? Do you have fans who ask for your album at your local record store the store manager can’t get it for them? Have you been ripped off by other digital download services and your tracks aren’t showing up in all the digital places your fans use to buy music?

It makes sense to round out your project with the ability of your fans to find you in their favorite outlet. Go to our SERVICES page to learn how – and check out our current list of artists too.